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Help Us Keep The Blood Supply Strong

In light of the recent storm, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is asking for our community’s support to keep our blood supply strong. Several blood drives have been canceled, and community donor centers such as Cy-Fair and Cypress are temporarily closed due to power outages. We emphasize the importance of maintaining an adequate blood supply, especially during emergencies.

Natural disasters can disrupt our blood collection efforts, leading to shortages that put lives at risk. However, the need for blood remains constant. We ask our community to host blood drives or donate blood to ensure hospitals have the necessary resources to save lives.

“As we navigate the aftermath of the recent storm, ensuring a stable blood supply remains our top priority,” said Theresa Pina, Vice President of Operations at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. “The canceling of blood drives and temporary closures of donor centers like Cy-Fair and Cypress highlight our community's challenges during emergencies. Let’s come together by donating blood or hosting blood drives to support those in need,” Pina said.

How you can help:

· Donate blood: Schedule an appointment and make regular donations to ensure a stable blood supply. Visit to find a convenient location.


· Host a blood drive: Businesses and organizations can host blood drives to support the ongoing need for donations. For more information, visit

Cy-Fair and Cypress donor centers will resume operations once power is restored, ensuring a continuous supply of blood for those in need.

For updates on blood drives, the status of donor centers, and other important information, please follow us on social media or visit our website at Together, we can ensure that everyone who needs blood receives it in our community.

Thank you for your support.

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