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Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center supplies a full range of transfusable products, including special order components.   

Hospital Services is responsible for managing the regional inventory by utilizing two primary objectives:

  • Maximize availability 
  • Minimize waste

The sole purpose of Hospital Services is to ensure every patient in our region has available products when needed.

As an added convenience, we offer online ordering. Utilizing the online ordering system reduces the need for most telephone communication and allows each hospital to receive feedback on the status of their order. The online ordering system also has reporting capability that allows your hospital to monitor ordering patterns and total number of units shipped. 

We participate in the AABB’s and BCA's (Blood Center of America) National Blood Exchange program, which allows blood centers to share their inventories to assist each other in times of short supply. This ensures that donated blood can be available where it is needed, affording the most effective use of the available blood supply.

Consultation and Reference

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center’s Immunohematology Reference Laboratory is accredited by the AABB and certified by CLIA. We provide suitable, safe and effective blood and blood components for transfusion to patients in more than 170 facilities.

This laboratory serves as a transfusion service, typing and cross-matching units for patients. Our highly trained staff can provide assistance in resolving serological anomalies discovered during pre-transfusion testing, such as ABO discrepancies and identification of unexpected antibodies.

The laboratory has an extensive collection of phenotyped red blood cells that enables it to perform procedures such as adsorption and elution (not easily performed in hospital laboratories) and to identify unusual antibodies or mixtures of antibodies.

We offer telephone consultation to clients to aid in troubleshooting and problem solving.

About Us 

We are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We hold a license issued by the FDA and are accredited by the AABB under a voluntary inspection program. We also are regulated by various state and local agencies that ensure the purity, potency and safety of the blood supply as well as the quality of many of the services we provide. Self-inspection and strict internal controls enhance this system of quality assurance. 

We participate in the AABB’s and BCA's (Blood Center of America) National Blood Exchange Program. The affiliated blood centers share their inventories to assist each other in times of short supply. This reduces the potential outdating of blood and ensures efficient use of the available blood supply. 

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is classified as a 501c3 nonprofit organization by the IRS. It receives no operating funds from any other agency. Income is primarily secured from the service fees charged to hospitals that pass the fees on to patients who are actually transfused. Service fees are based primarily on our cost to recruit, collect, test and ship blood and blood components. 

Although we are closely aligned with the Harris County Medical Society, this board is separate. Overall, the supervision of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center's activities is the responsibility of a Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Board of Trustees. Medical supervision and direction for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center are provided by a Chief Medical Officer also appointed by the Board of Trustees. 

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