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Along with meeting the transfusion needs of its community, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center provides blood products (normal and disease-specific) for in-vitro biomedical research, evaluation or study. These products are designated “For Research Only” and are not for transfusion.

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center team members are trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Human Subjects Protection. We have been regularly participating as a testing site for new reagents, devices and/or equipment development protocols for over 25 years. We have the capability to recruit and schedule donors falling into various age, gender, ethnicity and/or positive viral marker categories.

We produce products that are selected for specific properties and used for essential research, as well as further manufacturing into blood derivatives and pharmaceuticals. 

  • Buffy Coat (Source Leukocytes): White blood cell concentrate prepared by centrifugation of a unit of citrate phosphate dextrose solution (CPD)-anticoagulated whole blood. The product contains mononuclear cells and neutrophils as well as smaller numbers of contaminating red blood cells, plasma and platelets. Cell counts, HLA typing and QC testing are not performed on buffy coat leukocytes, and leukocyte content is not quantitated. Volume 25–76 mL. Source leukocytes are released prior to performance of infectious disease testing, unless it is specified that such testing is to be completed prior to release.
  • Plasma: Plasma separated by centrifugation from CPD-anticoagulated whole blood. The separated plasma is then either frozen at -18 C within 24 hours of collection (frozen plasma) or refrigerated at 1 to 6 C (liquid plasma). Standard units contain a minimum volume of 180 mL.
  • Whole Blood: Collected in CPD, and stored at 1 to 6 C or room temperature (25 C). Available units are either insufficient quantity for transfusion or greater than 42 days old.
  • Red Blood Cells, Leuko-reduced: Red blood cells prepared by centrifugation of CPD-anticoagulated whole blood, removing as much plasma as possible. ADSOL red cell preservative solution (AS-1) is added, and the units are filtered through a leukocyte-reduction filter. Available units are greater than 42 days old.
  • Platelet Products: Platelet by apheresis collection (apheresis platelets); apheresis platelets are leukocyte-reduced, greater than five days old, and frozen. The approximate volume is 300 mL for apheresis platelets.

Serum and EDTA repository specimens and CPD pedigree plasma units for research or further manufacture are available in small or large quantities. Specimen collection with other additives such as heparin can be arranged. Specimens can be coded or unlinked, random or negative, and are collected from a normal donor population. Positive marker specimens for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis, HTLV-I/II, West Nile virus and Chagas disease are also available.

Orders are routinely customized to meet client needs.

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