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Let's Work Together to Save Lives!



To partner with the community to help save and sustain lives by providing a safe supply of blood, blood components, biotherapies and related services.  



We cannot serve our community alone, and our partners are essential to our life-saving mission. No matter how big or small the organization or business, we are dedicated to building a partnership that is right for them. We believe in long-term relationships that will help strengthen our community and partners, educate the importance of blood donations and save lives.   


Partnering with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center directly benefits our community by ensuring we always have a strong blood supply on the shelves. There is no substitute for blood, and every donation can help save as many as three lives. Not only are you helping families in our community, but you are saving lives.  



Want to Become a Friend of the Blood Center?

Melissa Chiu is a talented coordinator at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, dedicated to building partnerships and setting up promotions to incentivize and recognize blood donors. Her hard work and creative approach is ensuring patients in need have access to lifesaving blood products. Melissa is committed to continuing her work and making a difference in the community.

Melissa Chiu

Community Development Coordinator 

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