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Save Lives and Unwrap a Thank-You Gift!


Your decision to donate blood is incredibly important. Each donation offers hope, helping patients regain strength during cancer treatments, surgeries, and traumatic injuries. Unlike other resources, blood cannot be manufactured; it must come from generous donors like you. By donating, you're not just giving blood; you're giving time, smiles, and heartfelt moments to those in need. Donate blood and make a difference today—your generosity can transform lives.


Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is the only blood provider to Houston and its surrounding communities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are one of the largest community blood centers in the United States, serving 26 counties from the Texas Gulf Coast to Brazos Valley to East Texas.

To meet the community's needs, we need 1,000 donations a day, and all blood donors in the U.S. must be unpaid volunteers. Those units of blood are a vital lifeline for Houston’s health care industry and are used in surgeries, cancer treatments, and various medical procedures. 


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